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Drama Based Training

Staff development and training training is tailored to the needs of your organization, with participants gaining valuable insight and feedback from those around them.

Telephone Skills Training will help your people develop an increased awareness of the way in which their telephone skills affect the message.

The Presentation Skills programme will help you overcome nerves, and learn techniques to deal with the fear of public speaking.


Whether your current concerns are compliance-led or more focused on the achievement of strategic objectives, our director training and development programmes can help you.

Brilliant Customer Service

With over twenty courses delivered by a team of expert trainers, our class leading customer service training has been developed to help you provide outstanding levels of customer service.

The SEO-Pro

The SEO-Pro blend affordable, professional SEO with Social Media Management. When it comes to increasing the visibility, brand recognition, and sales potential of your business, our range of digital marketing services are guaranteed to deliver results.


Mixpro is the home of world-class audio branding, and professional online mixing and mastering, available worldwide to anyone with a high speed internet connection.